A Guide for Foodies in Sydney: Some Interesting Choices for a First-time Visitor

Best dinner cruise Sydney
Best dinner cruise Sydney

Sydney is a much sought-after foodie paradise, where the locals love eating out and the chefs never run out of innovative food ideas. There are great restaurants, cafes and pubs in the city that serve exciting dishes to vet your appetite. Read on to get introduced to some must-eats in Sydney

Looking at the overall eating behaviour of people in Sydney, you may be surprised to see the whopping number of people who love eating out. There are countless dining precincts in the city that specialise in all kinds of global cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, French, Japanese, African, Greek, Mexican, Italian and more. To start with one of the in-demand dine-out options among Sydneysiders, the dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour make a great place to be. Our cruise company is one of the leading cruise operators in the city and we offer some of the best dinner cruise packages in Sydney. Come on board a luxury dinner cruise to take in all the beautiful twilight views and the fairy-lit city skyline at night, all while chomping down on a delicious dinner that is freshly prepared by talented chefs. The menu features some of the best Aussie dishes that offer a perfect glimpse into Sydney’s culinary trends. These cruises also have fully licensed bars that serve a range of delicious drinks and beverages to go with your food. You can book your tickets for a dinner cruise online or directly at the station.  

In this city, its multicultural society is one of the biggest reasons why there’s so much to explore—be it in terms of food, culture or language used. Although it’s widely rumoured that Australia does not have a cuisine of its own, you would say otherwise when you learn about the food eaten by the native indigenous people living in the country. The Aboriginals, the first inhabitants of Australia, were hunters and gathered their food in the Australian Bush. Hence, their food came to be known as ‘Bush tucker’, which is still eaten by the natives in various parts of Australia, including Sydney. Bush Tucker includes Kangaroo, crocodile, emu, Quandong, bush tomato, yams and macadamia nuts. If you observe closely, you will discover that many of the contemporary dishes have these ingredients incorporated into the recipes. 

Now. Let's look at some of the most iconic food items you should know about when you’re in Sydney. It is most likely that you will come across all the following items when you’re in the city:

  • Vegemite: This thick dark brown yeast spread is adored by almost everyone in Australia. It has been a kind of staple food for the Aussies since the 1950s. Vegemite on toast is a popular way to eat it.  
  •  Lamingtons: They are soft square-shaped sponge cakes that have been dipped in chocolate and coconut. 
  • Pavlova: This is a meringue-based dessert that is often eaten after an Aussie BBQ meal. It has been named after a ballerina artist named Anna Pavlova who toured the country in the 1920s. 
  • Fish & chips: Although not Sydney’s own. It’s a popular food item to have while you’re on the beach. 
  • The bbq snags: It’s basically an Australian version of the sausage, eaten with a piece of bread, onions and tomato sauce. You are sure to find these at the ‘sausage sizzle’ stalls at the markets, hardware stores, or at any public events happening in the city. 

There’s plenty more of dishes that you’ll come across which the Sydneysiders eat with pride and will never get tired of. We hope you’ll be able to explore the best of Sydney’s culinary wealth while you’re here.

Posted on July 02, 2021

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