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The splendid city of Sydney is a dazzling destination of events and festivals that makes it more than just a harbour city it is known to be. From the iconic Sydney New Year’s Eve to the ever-so-exciting Vivid Sydney Festival, there is always something going on all year round in Sydney. So if you’re wondering what Sydney’s event calendar has got to offer you, you’ve come to the right place.

To start with something that you can hold close to your heart, let’s begin with something familial and beautiful. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you can expect the city to have something in store for all the mothers out there. For instance, on Sydney Harbour, we have the famous luxury dinner cruises that have been inviting people to sign up for an exciting Mother’s Day cruise. These dinner cruises in Sydney have been a favourite choice of dining out in Sydney. Some of these cruises even offer top-notch entertainment such as cabarets, live music and DJ. Whenever there is a big-wave event happening over at the harbour, these cruises assume an inevitable role in attracting people to come and witness the grandiose festivities. Another important festival that is much anticipated on Sydney’s event calendar is Vivid Sydney. This year, the festival is expected to make its comeback after a long gap of two years and is scheduled to happen from August 6th to 28th. You can board a Vivid Sydney cruise to take a trip around the harbour and witness some of the most popular installations and light arts of Vivid Sydney. 

As you should know, Sydney Harbour is only an ounce of what this amazing city has on offer. Situated a few miles away from the city, the Hunter Valley is an amazing wine region with numerous breweries and wineries. Head over to this part of the city to try a good range of beers, wines and gourmet food. To complement the culinary experience, the Valley also offers exceptional views of the vast expanses of vineyards and orchards. If you’re with your friends, a great idea for you to explore the Hunter Valley is to go on a guided food and wine tasting tour that will take you around the most popular and best breweries and eateries in the area. The annual Hunter Valley Wine Festival is something worth looking forward to as it celebrates Australia’s premium wine regions and showcases various events. This year the festival is expected to take place from the 19th of June. At the festival you will get the opportunity to sample over 100 different wines brought to you by the local breweries and you may also indulge in a wine tasting Expressions Session with the local producers. If you’re a wine connoisseur, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to taste some of the finest wines in the world here in Sydney. 

As more restrictions regarding the pandemic are eased, there is hope for Sydneysiders to bounce back to their normal lives. Another grand festival that happens in Sydney every year is the New Year’s Eve. The annual tradition of the Sydney NYE fireworks is something that gives hope for a better future and there is no doubt that the whole city looks forward to it. Sydney Harbour transforms and dazzles by the show of lights and other festivities. Claimed to be one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations in the world, the Sydney NYE is a wonderful bucket-listed wonder that you shouldn't miss. There are plenty of New Year’s Eve experiences on offer that can be booked as early as a year prior to the big night. So,now that you know the schedules of festivals that are sure to happen, you can start planning and maybe get your tickets too. 

Posted on April 27, 2021
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