Important Questions to Ask Before You Book a Cruise

dinner cruise sydney harbour
Dinner Cruise Sydney Harbour

Sydney is often voted one of the world’s best destinations for cruising and the explanation for this is obvious. While some say it’s the year-round summer weather and the endless number of beaches in Sydney, some believe it’s the city’s world-famous natural harbour and the iconic landmarks. However, we think it’s the combination of both and the harmony between urban and natural life of this stunning coastal metropol. A harbour cruise is a perfect way to visit this major port city, opening up splendid opportunities to see its amazing coastal attractions including the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before booking a dinner cruise in Sydney

What is included in your package?  

The first and foremost concern of any customer booking for a cruise would be the inclusions for the same. From food and drinks to entertainment and views provided on board, there are many things that go into making a good cruising experience. Our dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour offer top-notch dining and night sightseeing experiences that stand a class apart from the rest. We offer three spectacular dinner cruises—Magistic dinner cruise, Sydney Showboats dinner cruise and the Clearview dinner cruise—all of them providing a great ambience, stunning views, freshly prepared food, of the illuminated Sydney Harbour. The menus range from multi-cuisine buffets and banquets to deluxe seated and served menus. Also, we offer upgradeable beverage packages available for purchase from the fully licensed bars on board all the cruises. 

Do You Have to Pay Any Extra Charges? 

For most cruises, there may be additional charges applied depending on the wharf being used. However, all our cruise fares are inclusive of all the Goods & Services Tax (GST) as displayed and quoted in Australian dollars on our website. While booking a cruise you may also avail certain discounts depending on the season of your cruise. Currently, we offer a $5 discount off our selected dining cruises until December 2021. We also provide an additional 5% discount for group bookings(pax≥10). We do not serve any welcome drinks/complimentary drinks on board. However, if you’d like to notch up your dining experience, you can purchase a drinks package from the fully licensed bars on board the vessels. 

Is the Vessel Hygienic and Safe? 

The best way to know about the quality of a cruise you have locked your eyes on is to go through the reviews of previous customers. Are they favourable or positive? Is the operator in good standing and lastly, do they have a well-functioning website and customer support team? Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises, owned and operated by Australian Cruise Group, has gained a good reputation over the three decades of its service and 7+ million customers. We have rigorous infection control procedures in place to make sure everyone on board is safe from contracting any germs. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have strengthened our control procedures and related regulations. 

Does it Have a Professional Crew? 

A professional crew always plays an inevitable role in creating good experiences for the guests. After all, it creates a good impact when you are treated with grace and respect by a friendly waiter at any place you’re dining at—whether it’s a top-end restaurant or a budget-friendly food-joint in the city. Our business on Sydney Harbour has been widely known for its impeccable service and of course, the friendly waiters. All our team members strictly undertake temperature checks at the beginning of their shift. 

An unforgettable dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour awaits you! Book your tickets today.

Posted on December 14, 2021
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